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New Home, New Hope.

Please support our Capital Campaign

Your donation will make an IMPACT!

For more than sixty years, Milestone Senior Services has provided services that empower older adults and adults with disabilities to live safely and independently in their home. At the heart of all of Milestone’s programing is the commitment of treating people with dignity and respect while providing services that allow people to continue living at home while enjoying an improved quality of life.

Seniors over the age of 60 is the fastest growing demographic with an anticipated increase of 30% in the next thirty years. This reality, combined with a dire shortage of healthcare professionals, creates a greater need than ever for Milestone’s services. At Milestone Senior Services we recognize and promote the value of aging in place. Remaining in the community allows people to stay connected to their family, friends, neighbors, and the cultural communities they identify with.

Your generosity will ensure that we are able to continue meeting the needs of older adults and adults with disabilities living at home in our community.   

The good work your generosity creates

Your generosity will allow us to complete necessary renovations and upgrades which will increase our programming capacity with greater efficiencies to ensure that we continue to meet the growing demand for our services.

Our Jasper Street facility was built in 1973 and purchased by Milestone in 1989. We are diligent stewards of our building, however we are now in need of bigger modifications than routine maintenance and repairs. Specifically, we are making the following improvements:

  • Upgrading our kitchen with more modern and efficient equipment. This will allow us to produce up to one million meals per year and will provide significant cost savings in energy efficiency.

  • Construction of an expanded and covered loading dock for our Meals on Wheels program. This will create a safer and more efficient space for our many valued volunteers to work from when loading and unloading each day.

  • Construction of an enclosed workshop for our Home Repair & Accessibility department to work from. Currently our home repair staff and volunteers are working from a fenced area of our parking lot which significantly limits our productivity in cold and wet weather conditions. The enclosed workshop will allow for year-round production and installation of ramps and other home repair projects. It will also provide a dry and secure space to store lumber and materials. The workshop will result in more projects being completed, elimination of scheduling delays due to weather conditions and supply chain problems, cost savings in bulk lumber purchases, and significantly improved working conditions for our staff and dedicated volunteers.

  • Replacement of our existing HVAC system. The current HVAC system is the original system installed when the building was constructed in 1973. This will considerably improve conditions for staff, volunteers, and anyone visiting our facility, as well as providing considerably improved energy efficiency.

With your donation, we can complete the improvements that will ensure we are serving the community for another sixty years! 

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